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Training Courses in Cardiff, Leeds, Teesside and London



CSC are running four one-day courses on Thurs 4 May in Cardiff, Wed 24 May in Leeds, Wed 21 June in Teesside and Thurs 29 June in London.


They are designed for new chess tutors, teachers, mentors and parents who are involved in school chess.


Register online for any of the above courses.

Joshua John at the World Schools Championship

24.4.17 - Thanks to support from Newham Borough Council, the John Robinson Youth Chess Trust, the English Chess Federation and many others, Joshua John has been able to take part in the World Schools Championship in Romania. He made an excellent start in the first round, drawing with black against someone rated more than 400 points above him!


Well done too to Joshua's Newham team-mate Shahjahon Saidmurodov, who has been invited to join the National Chess Junior Squad.

Inspirational story from Mississippi

March 2017


In rural Franklin County, Mississippi, just seven of the 93 high school graduates last year went on to a four-year college.


But that number may rise dramatically over the next few years, thanks to a chess program that has broadened the outlooks of hundreds of school children, while lifting the hopes of their parents and community.


The iconic US TV show 60 Minutes, who have previously made documentaries on Magnus Carlsen, broadcast this inspirational story in the US on Sunday, March 26.


View it here

CSC Newsletter | Issue 5



31.3.17 - The latest CSC Newsletter is now available. Read about the Chess in Parliament match, more achievements in Wales, Lottery Funding for Bracknell Forest, Brian Kerr Girls’ Award update and much more.

CSC at the Welsh Primary School Chess Teams Tournament



CSC schools enjoyed superb results at the Welsh Primary School Chess Teams Tournament on Saturday 2 April.



2nd: Whitchurch A (CSC Cardiff)

3rd: The Dell A (CSC Chepstow)



1st: Peterston-Super-Ely A (formerly CSC Cardiff)

2nd: The Dell B (CSC Chepstow)

3rd: Whitchurch B (CSC Cardiff)

4th=: Roath Park A (CSC Cardiff)


Congratulations to everyone for their great success. There have been many wonderful achievements already this year, as explained in our latest newsletter.


- with thanks to Sarah Kett

Joshua John at the World Schools Championship

Joshua John, aged nine from Hartley Primary School in Newham, has become the first pupil in the CSC programme to be selected by the ECF for international competition.




He has been invited to the World Schools Chess Championship to take place in Romania from 21st April - 1st May, and the charity is raising funds to support his trip.


CSC is grateful to the Angus Lawson Memorial Trust who supported our promising players with a grant in 2015 to help them develop. This has also helped the charity enter teams in the Junior 4NCL.


You can donate at CSC's JustGiving page.




Charity Event at Parkwood Academy

26 March 2017


Farshad Ai, a former CSC tutor, has started up a chess club at Parkwood Academy in Sheffield since January. The school is fairly challenging in terms of behaviour and it is hoped that chess would attract some of the young minds of the academy and improve their social and academic skills.



Last week, the Maths department organised a charity fundraiser with a twist. Farshad invited any member of staff or students to a simultaneous chess match on Red nose day with a capacity of up to 40 players. All players needed to do was to offer a minimum donation of £1 for charity and if any member of staff or students beat Farshad during the games, then the Maths department would put an additional £100 to the charity of the winner’s choice.


Due to an unfortunate clash of events with football, only 10 students and 3 members of staff turned up for the simultaneous display which luckily for Farshad ended with all round wins! This was also an opportunity to promote chess in the academy as a few more students have shown an interest in joining the club.


Farshad has also made a PowerPoint presentation for the school TV screen system to promote chess to all school and thanks to the extra equipment provided by the CSC, the chess club at Parkwood Academy is thriving.

Chess Tutors Required

Chess tutors are required in Doncaster and in Faversham, Kent with immediate vacancies available. For further information please contact Dan Staples (Head of Safeguarding and National Library Coordinator).


Phone: 020 7935 3445 or email .

CSC supports chess at Walden School, Essex.

Saturday 25 March


Melanie Lopez-Welsch and Margharita Boroni helped organise a community chess day called 'Chess Challenge', which sounds fantastic and CSC were very pleased to support. They had about 30 children aged 6-13 come along. Melanie said that "it was a really great day with a chess master and international arbiter in attendance. We have been asked to do another one and people hope it will become a regular event. Thanks to CSC for your support."


Melanie is keen to build on the success this year with the Walden School chess club, the whole school chess day and now the Chess Challenge, and she and Margharita are really looking forward to learning more about the CSC approach and gaining new skills at the CSC training course in April.

Minichess in Nairobi

CSC is really pleased to have started a project in Kenya with the Kasparov Chess Foundation.



We were approached by a teacher at High View Classic Academy, Pascal Angulu, and are glad we are able to help.


We are co-funding the project with the KCF. It is being run by MiniChess Kenya in collaboration with the Nairobi Chapter of Sports Outreach Ministries.


100 children from three schools will benefit from the MiniChess program in 2017. The participating schools are High View Classic Academy,​ ​ ​ Imara Daima Primary School, and the Red Roof Primary School which are all located in Makuru in Nairobi.


More photos | YouTube footage

London Chess Classic - Plaudits & Letters

Please see our plaudits and letters page we are compiling, now that another fabulous London Chess Classic festival has finished. We welcome your comments about any aspect of the events.

CSC Newsletter | Issue 4



17.11.16 - The latest CSC Newsletter is now available. Read about CSC teams at The ECF National Schools Championship,  success at the J4NCL, funding for Peasedown St. John and CSC at the Lord Mayor’s Show.


London Chess Classic Schools’ Events


2016 saw the 8th CSC London Chess Classic at Olympia and once again Chess in Schools and Communities ran events for schools as part of the festival.


From Monday 12th to Friday 16th December we put on an entire week of free chess activities for up to 400 children a day.


Click for further information

Teaching Chess to the Older Person by CSC Tutor Jon Lloyd


Jon Lloyd is a CSC tutor in Berkshire and Surrey who has been active in the voluntary sector for vulnerable adults over the last 15 years and recognised the potential value of the Chess in Schools program for use in the wider adult community.



In 2015 Jon successfully approached CSC with a proposal for teaching chess to older people in order to help maintain or improve cognitive functions [thinking skills] and socialisation.


Read more here ...



Queensbridge Champions again!

Queensbridge Primary School coached by CSC Tutor Lee Bullock equalled the record score ever achieved at the London Chess Classic Schools events this year with 73/75!


Several players scored five wins and 15/15 and there were lots of individual medals! Players score three for a win, two for a draw and one for playing the game.






Last year Queensbridge finished 3rd in the schools event, only losing out to North West London Jewish Day School, another school Lee teaches in. Two years ago Queensbridge were joint first with William Patten, another school with a fine chess pedigree.


A funny story from the day was Queensbridge’s Hector playing on the stage in the auditorium during the Chris and Danny Show and holding up his captured pieces as the electronic demo boards were not working.


Most importantly all the children had a great day and love their chess. A big mention also has to go to Julian Erwin who has been so supportive of chess at Queensbridge.


- Lee Bullock


Bath Echo News Team | September 27 2016  

£1500 of local funding helps bring chess to Peasedown St John school curriculum

Year 5 children at Peasedown St John Primary School can now enjoy chess each week as part of their Maths curriculum, thanks to a some recent funding.



Chess in Schools and Communities, who run chess lessons and workshops across the country, have secured £1,500 from local sources to fund a fully qualified and experienced chess tutor to visit the school each week.


Headteacher Damian Knollys said: “Ours is a school serving a diverse community, with varying levels of opportunity and disadvantage.


“Having recently joined the Dragonfly Education Trust, we are seeking to build on a strong track record in curricular enrichment, with a view to offering as broad a range of opportunities to our children as we can. Chess fits very well into this programme."


Read more here ...

Newham Lord Mayor’s Show

July 2016



Councillor Ken Clark, Shahjahon and Sir Robin Wales


On Sunday 10th July, Chess in Schools and Communities Newham supported the Newham Lord Mayor’s Show with a chess tent, where all comers could play throughout the day.


One of the stars of the Newham junior squad, Shahjahon Saidmurodov, made a big impression on everyone by giving a simultaneous display against members of the police force, fire and ambulance services, as well as council leader Ken Clark and Lord Mayor Sir Robin Wales.


More here with additional pictures




Photos by Gulbahor Hamdamova

Record numbers at GP2

22 October 2016


Today's second round of the 2016-17 Newham Junior Grand Prix attracted a record 35 competitors to Stratford Library.



The winner was Joshua John from East Ham, who repeated his 5/5 score from last month's GP1.



Second was Kata Szatmari from Beckton. Kata was unbeaten, dropping only half a point and finishing half a point ahead of Ilford's Shreyaas Sarkar (pictured).


Shreyaas was competing in his first Grand Prix - his only loss was against Joshua on board one in the final round. Joshua extends his his Grand Prix lead with 280 points.


Kata is second on 242 and Ilford's Tristan Bromelow and Isaac Sawyer from Stratford are joint third on 196.


GP3 takes place on 19 November. Go here for more details and to enter.


- Alan Bright (CSC Newham GP organiser)

Yes2Chess Final report

July 2016



Yes2Chess, a partnership between Barclaycard and the educational charity Chess in Schools and Communities, is an international online chess tournament for primary/elementary schools. Teams consist of 5 children, including at least one girl, and matches are played on the Yes2Chess webserver, hosted by ChessBase.







The 2016 finals took place in July, with teams from Germany, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, the UK and the USA. They were hosted jointly on the Yes2Chess webserver and at Heathside Preparatory School in London.


Full pictorial report from the finals day

Seminar on the Didactics of Strategy Games


02.9.16 - There is considerable international interest in using strategy games to help to develop children’s thinking skills. A seminar in Cambridge on 1st October 2016 brings together experts at teaching strategy games including chess, go and backgammon in order to share knowledge and exchange ideas.


Through a mix of talks and workshops, the seminar will explore why we teach games, the use of games in education, the relative strengths of different games and insights into how to teach the various games. Places are very limited.


The event is organised by Chess+, a specialist games education consultancy.


For further details see www.chessplus.net.



Photo: Tim Berger

CSC Newsletter | Issue 3



15.7.16 - The latest CSC Newsletter is now available. Read about CSC's successes in Wales, the Yes2Chess prizes for 2016, the Brian Kerr Award Nominations and the first Newham Tournament including results.


2nd Yes2Chess CSC Liverpool Tournament


27.6.16 - The Mayor Liverpool Joe Anderson provided the splendid venue of St. George's Hall for the second CSC Chess Merseyside Junior Tournament for primary schools on Monday 27 June. 390 children in 78 teams from schools across the region took part in sections for U11's, U10's, U9's and U8's.



The 2nd CSC Chess Merseyside Tournament - St George's Hall


A team of CSC tutors supported by volunteers from Barclaycard’s office in Sefton together with local players and teachers helped Tournament Director Bob Clark and CSC Chief Executive Malcolm Pein to ensure that this was another day to remember.



Following the prize giving, the children were given a round of applause from the grown-ups for their friendly, competitive play and for their excellent behaviour throughout.


Great thanks to Bob Clark whose meticulous planning ensured that everything ran smoothly.


Gallery of images | Results | BayTV Video | Runtime: 2:08

Chess wins out at first CSC Haringey Schools tournament

July 2016


Seven Sisters Primary School in Tottenham hosted the first CSC Haringey Schools Chess Tournament.


Four local schools - Chestnuts, Coldfall, Earlsmead and Seven Sisters - took part involving almost 50 children. 



The tournament provided an opportunity to children who learnt to play chess through CSC to play against children in other schools. So winning games was less important than just the experience of playing chess in a place different to their classroom or the school chess club. And hopefully having a fab time.

Well done to all the children who took part. They played their matches in a friendly manner and showed great sportsmanship regardless of their result.


Some of the children did exceptionally well. Isabelle Mok from Coldfall had the best score (14 out of 15) of all the children taking part. She was the overall winner. An amazing feat. 


There were a number of children who came close to Isabelle with scores of 12/15 and 13/15. They were each awarded Silver and Gold medals in recognition of their achievement.


Finally, a huge thank you to Seven Sisters Primary for hosting the event. Many thanks also to the staff and parents of the other schools taking part for getting the children to the tournament and back home at the end.


- Kamlesh Karia

Academic Year Extension

19.5.16 - As a result of increased charitable giving to CSC, we are pleased to be able to extend our core programme to 35 weeks for this academic year at no additional cost. Participating schools who wish to take advantage of this should contact their CSC tutor.

The charity is encouraged that schools are already signing up for the additional weeks: "We've been delighted with the chess this year and are pleased that we are able to continue for another few weeks" (Cumnor Primary School, Oxford).

End of Year Tournaments

11.5.16 - The annual end-of-year regional tournaments for CSC schools are now starting. See the National Calendar for details of events in your area. The list will be updated as more dates are confirmed.

After-school clubs 'boost poorer pupils' results'

17 March 2016 | By Katherine Sellgren Education reporter


After-school clubs were shown to close the gap between rich

and poor


Research from the Centre for Longitudinal Studies at UCL has found that participation in after-school activities can boost the academic performance and social skills of disadvantaged children.


Attendance at after-school clubs led to Key Stage 2 results significantly better than expected among children from disadvantaged backgrounds, suggesting that they may help bridge the attainment gap to other children, the authors concluded.


You can read the full study in full here


BBC News report

CSC Newsletter | Issue 2



03.3.16 - The latest CSC Newsletter is now available. Read about another successful London Chess Classic, the return of Yes2Chess, the new Brian Kerr Girls' Award and successes for Sacred Heart Catholic Primary.

Yes2Chess 2016


13.2.16 - Chess in Schools and Communities is delighted to announce that Yes2Chess is getting underway again. Barclaycard and Chess in Schools and Communities will be partnering to bring the 3rd Yes2Chess International Challenge to schools in the UK, USA, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.



Yes2Chess gives schoolchildren access to a secure online chess server, free of charge and entirely web-based where they can play chess anonymously against other children in a safe environment. The Yes2Chess International Challenge is a tournament for primary and elementary schools and is open to every UK primary school, not just those in the CSC programme. Teams consist of 5 players born after 31st December 2004 and must include at least one female player. The tournament begins with a regional group stage before progressing to national and international knockout rounds; matches can be played either face-to-face or online via the Yes2Chess server.


The Yes2Chess mentoring scheme will also continue with Barclaycard employees donating their time and expertise to chess in school projects in London, Northamptonshire, Liverpool and Teesside, where employees will help with chess lessons, both after school and in lesson time.



Last year 443 Barclaycard employees gave the equivalent of over two working years to such projects across 8 countries as Yes2Chess impacted over 40,000 children.


Key Dates

Registration opens: Wednesday 10th February

National Tournaments begin: Monday 22nd February

Registration closes: Thursday 31st March


National Tournaments

Final Stages: Monday 9th May

National KOs/Finals: w/c Monday 30th May

The Final: w/c Monday 4th July



2015 Grand Final | Photos
2015-16 Tournament Rules
Web Client User Guide


For more information please visit www.yes2chess.org.

Chess Chief Executive Gives Masterclass






17.3.16 - Chief Executive Malcolm Pein was in Nottingham last week to give a simultaneous to CSC volunteers from Nottingham University.


He also dropped in on nearby Arnold Mill Primary School.


He gave a short lesson to the school's chess club, which has written a report here.

Newham kids take on the World champion

17.12.15 - Fresh from winning the London Chess Classic in Olympia, the World Champion Magnus Carlsen took on six children from the London Borough of Newham in a simultaneous display at Hamleys Toy Shop.



The lucky six were Shahjahon Saidmurdov, Stefania Iosub, David John, Kata Szatmatri, Joshua John and Robert Dybowski, are all taught chess in curriculum time as part of the 'Every Child a Chess player' partnership between Newham Council and Chess in Schools and Communities.


After the exhibition all the children received a signed 'Play Magnus' chess set.


During the exhibition the children were interviewed by Norwegian TV. Go to 23 minutes and 28 seconds for the news segment on the simul. After the games Magnus signed each player’s score sheet and the children took him a Play Magnus Chess Set and signed board.


More Photos here

Free chess for your school until July 2016!


19.12.15 - We have some fully-funded places left on our chess e-learning programme. Your school can get chess until the end of the year with all equipment, materials and teaching completely free of charge.


Click here for details



Interview: Mayor of London at the London Chess Classic

07.2.15 - Boris Johnson talks about the importance of chess during a visit to the 6th London Chess Classic in 2014.




Chess in Schools and Communities wins Innovative Project Award

10th July 2013


The Earl of Wessex presents the Innovative Project Award to Chess in Schools and Communities Chief Executive Malcolm Pein, alongside Sam Franks (Hiscox).


On 9th July 2013 Chess in Schools and Communities (CSC) was presented with the Innovative Project Award at the 2013 Sport and Recreation Alliance Awards sponsored by specialist insurance company Hiscox.


The award was presented to the charity’s Chief Executive, Malcolm Pein, by HRH The Earl of Wessex at St. James’s Palace in London after the charity impressed the judges with their ground-breaking initiatives over the past year.



With studies showing a clear link between playing chess in primary school and improved concentration and educational attainment, CSC has doubled in size in the past year ...


Read more ...



Royal Commended Performance 2012

25th July 2012


The Earl of Wessex presents the award to Chess in Schools and

Communities Chief Executive Malcolm Pein.


Chess in Schools and Communities received the Royal seal of approval on 19th July at St James’s Palace.


Chief Executive IM Malcolm Pein received the ‘highly commended’ award from HRH Prince Edward the Earl of Wessex at the Sport and Recreation Alliance's Community Sport and Recreation awards ceremony.



The award was made in recognition of CSC's 'innovative work in schools'.


Read more ...


  Press releases: CSC | SRA | ECF |


First birthday reception for the charity Chess in Schools and Communities

18 October 2011


Rachel Reeves MP, Member of Parliament for Leeds West, hosted our first birthday reception in the Jubilee Room at Westminster on Tuesday. A huge thank you to Rachel who recently visited one of our schools in her constituency to give a simultaneous display. Despite not having played competitively for many years, she remains a very good player and even Garry was impressed.


Children from Teesside, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Swansea, Cardiff, Bristol, Barnet, Hackney, Newham and Hammersmith and Fulham were accompanied by their teachers and parents. Every child got the chance to take on Nigel Short in a simultaneous display. Rachel spoke about how learning chess at an early age had helped her. CSC are also grateful to the 13th World Champion Garry Kasparov who came to London and spoke at the event as well as making many media appearances. Thanks also to Nigel Short who played the children and a few MPs without losing a game!




Grandmaster Jonathan Rowson and our Field Worker England international Sabrina Chevannes, also made some moves. There was an outstanding performance from Matteo Walls of William Patten School in Hackney who nearly drew. I played a few moves and came to his board to find the position completely equal after about 30 moves – well done!


Rachel’s colleagues in the Labour Shadow Cabinet; Angela and Maria Eagle also attended the event. They, like Rachel, were strong junior players but in my home city of Liverpool.

Photos © Ray Morris-Hill

Malcolm Pein, Chief Executive.                                                                                                             


Click to see more photos from the event .


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