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Free chess for your school until July 2016!


19.12.15 - CSC has been introducing to the UK a new school chess programme called First Move. This is a big innovation for the UK but it has been a great success for well over a decade on the other side of the Atlantic.


We have some fully-funded places left so there will be no cost to the school.





This exciting new programme of in-curriculum chess (whole-class school-time chess lessons, not after-school chess clubs) is generally designed to help improve children's maths results, but it ties well with other parts of the curriculum like geography, history, creative writing and scientific investigation.


It is an e-learning programme centred around very short, active video lessons delivered by the fabulous Chess Lady (pictured!). These explain activities which the class teacher can supervise and support. This means that a CSC tutor does not have come to a school. The programme is designed so that the class teacher does not have to know how to play chess at all: in fact, they usually learn along with the children.


CSC will provide participating schools with all the equipment, materials and training required, and 24/7 support for the teachers. From 2016-17 on, schools will be required to contribute to the cost of the programme but we still have several fully-funded places for this year which will be given out on a first come, first serve basis.


This opportunity is especially attractive for schools which our tutors aren't able to reach, for example due to their rural or remote locations (shoutout to Year 4 children from St Annes Middle School in Gibraltar who all have weekly chess lessons from this year thanks to this new programme!, but urban schools are equally welcome to join.


Although we're already in over 300 primary schools, we're very keen to bring chess to as many children across the UK as we possibly can. So far we've mostly been present in England and Wales: we would be delighted to hear from some schools north of the border! In fact we have already started bringing school chess to Scotland: since October this year Merrylee Primary School in Glasgow already use this programme.


For more information, please contact Kajetan Wandowicz, our First Move coordinator at .


Broadway at Brambles

Thursday, 30 June 2016




CSC Teesside's Brambles Primary Academy played host to 14 chess players from Broadway Junior School for a day full of chess activities.



Broadway's journey was part-funded by funds made available from the Angus Lawson Memorial Fund.


Broadway, based in Sunderland, have been utilising the First Move chess programme throughout the current schools year and this was the first time the have tested their strength against players from another school.


There was already a strong connection between the two schools. Lisa Hastie helped me set up chess at Brambles back in 2011 and when she moved to Broadway, chess soon followed.


Read much more here


Saturday 25 October 2015





Return to Broadway Primary School

Monday, 11 April 2016


  Sean March reports: Broadway are utilising the First Move chess programme and are, indeed, one of the very first CSC schools to do so. Read more ...


First Move Sample Curriculum





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